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Throwback Thursday pic…hs senior year


Words of wisdom.

You only lose what you cling to


The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete Official Trailer (HD) - Jennifer Hudson, Anthony Mackie (by codeblacktv)


Just Found RARE WTC 911 Conspiracy Documentary (by HumanSpaceGoat)


"Delivered Distraction"


This is a world of delivered distractions
The news fansĀ  flames of a public reaction..
Some melanin challenged folk may agree that justice is not for the so called minority…

Instead when so called “JUSTICE” rears its head another one of us is without reason dead…
Now I am not one to pick a fight,
but this justice thing is more apt to be given if white and this privilege of skin - makes guilty by suspicion the new way to spin…
Flawed profiling and paranoia is no longer taboo when it has become so easy to declare “Who Knew”??
He thought there was a thug under that hood looking for trouble a punk up to no good
and taking his unsolicited bravado to a new high he didn’t shoot to maim his attacker? but watched a young boy die…
this opinion was his own there were hints not to approach alone
but this wannabe captain of a watch in a town where stand your ground has a face— but no place was safe one night for a kid armed with skittles and an iced tea….
this makes me see injustice more distinctly
and the law won again this time for no reason or rhyme it would seem and
I shudder to think what is happening to King’s dream…
the images of a colorless world coming apart at the seams this is an epic fail for what post racial is supposed to mean…
Content not context is this bottom line but rules are rules and this moment like those before knows justice is blind AND shivering in the cold
These abundant instances of disrespect are getting real old
We are tired of being told things will get better you’ll see
what happened to this land of opportunity???
Frozen in a place collectively by the good ol’ boy mentality that will continue to see any hint of melanin as a threat and yet—
We are the mortar that holds this country together
on our sweat and blood this nation was formed and it was evident we were warned not to forget the stripes and slights of the past and listen when the old folks say trouble don’t last always…?
But until we are no longer the menacing illusion of lore, racism will continue to have its place at this door…

Debra Townes…7/29/13